Monday, November 11, 2013

It Is A New Day In A New Realm In the Father's Love!

Hello Precious One!

We now live in a supernatural realm of the kingdom of God that is far superior in power, strength, Love and Joy!!!  So much of Christianity has bought into the lie that we are under the power sickness, disease, addiction, bad relationships, poverty….   None of these things in even exist the minutest of forms in the kingdom of heaven.   We need the eyes of our heart opened to the Truth of who we are and what this heavenly Spiritual realm is like if we are going to walk in victory as “more than a conqueror”!

  As a new creation in Christ Jesus, we have become “more than conqueror.”  We live in a realm where “Nothing is impossible” and where “all things are possible with God.”  We have become more than just struggling human beings who are trying to do the best we can!  We have been completely transformed from the inside out and we have been recreated into supernatural being who is as Jesus is!!!!!

 We are learning to appropriate these mind-blowing Truths that make our brains explode if we were to really understand the depth, power and magnitude of these Truths in the depths of our heart!!!  People think that because they have an intellectual grasp of these Truths that they are walking in the fullness of the Gospel.    Most Bibles are written so that fourth or fifth graders can understand the written words.  But it takes trust with our heart in the Holy Spirit to walk and appropriate these amazing, gargantuan Truths!!! 

 We must humble ourselves like a little child, with simple child-like faith, to manifest and appropriate the power of the Word of God!  Seminaries are filled with people and students who have very deep understanding of sentence structure and word origins, but yet there is very little supernatural power of the Father’s Love evident in them!  The more intellectual an institution becomes, the more the flesh is catered to, the less Holy Spirit there is, and less supernatural power and Love is evident!   “Knowledge puffs up, but Love builds up.” 1 Corinthians 8:1.  

                              It is a new day where the Father is far more interested in developing the hearts of His people!  This new day of the Church is learning to Love with the actual substance of the Father’s heart!  Love from the heart becomes the highest goal rather than the ability to dissect the Greek and Hebrew sentence structure and the filling the mind with endless information!  The heart is becoming the emphasis in the Father’s move on His people! 

“Out of the heart flows all the issues of life.”   “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”   Abiding in the outpouring of the Father’s Love transforms and perfects our hearts in His Love.   The Father’s perfect Love casts out fear, anxiety, condemnation, weakness, lack…..  “For it is with the heart your that you believe and are justified…” Romans 10:10. 

   We all know people who are like intellectual genius’s, but they are severely out of touch with their heart.   In this new day of the outpouring of the literal, tangible substance of the Father’s Love, not the mere theology of His Love, with our hearts are being filled to overflowing with His Love!!!!!  This is the new move of the Spirit that is coming in unprecedented ways to those who are done who hungry for His Love in the depths of our hearts!

   It is a New Day of tasting, experiencing at the heart level, the all-consuming and all-powerful Love of the Father!!!!!!   It is becoming a New Day where we don’t just talk about the Father’s Love, but we are being transformed by the heart of the Father into His very own heart in a very tangible and manifest way!!!!!  We are becoming the expression and the manifest reality of the Father’s heart of Love on the earth!   It is a New Day of new and deeper tangible revelation of His substance of His Love!!!  The Holy Spirit is pouring out this revelation into the depths of His hungry people who want to be consumed with the Father’s Love!!!!!! 

  “By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35.   It is a new day where the church actually is known for blessing their enemies, loving those who persecute them………    Holy Ghost is pouring out this substance of the Father’s Love in unprecedented ways!!!!  How much of His Love do you and I want?  Do we want to be consumed and utterly possessed by His Love?  This is the Father’s desire for every one of us!!!!!!!!         


Jerry Brown        11-11-2013 

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