Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drinking of the All-Mighty River of Life Flowing Through Us!!!!

Hello Precious Child!

“Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.   Whoever believes in me, as the scriptures has said, rivers of living water will flow from within him.”  By this He meant the Spirit…” John 7:37-39.  

Do you realize that there is a river of Living Water flowing into and through you that never stops and starts from the Throne of God!   This River is the Holy Spirit.  It is filled with “Zoe” Life, Love and supernatural power of God!  This River of God is flowing nonstop into our inner being, our belly, our gut!

  This is a Spiritual River not a fleshly river, so feelings are not good indicators of this River.   The Faith of Jesus revealed by the Holy Spirit that allows us to experience the power of this River of Life, River of Delights!   Just look to Jesus and see Him in the Spirit, in all of His glory.   This River is flowing out of Jesus and is flowing into you!  This River of the Holy Spirit is supernatural and miraculous by nature!  It is the only kind of “Zoe”, Life that there is in the Father!  This River is made up of supernatural and heavenly substance, it is the very same River of Life flowing through the Father and Jesus! 

 Just stop and sense this almighty River flowing into and through your belly, gut or inward being.   This River contains all the miracles that you need from God.  All the Spiritual Blessings in the kingdom of heaven, all the healing, Love, Joy, finances… that exist in heaven are flowing into us 24/7!   It takes Faith to believe and access these blessings from the Spirit realm!   The more we believe and abide in the Love of the Father, the more Faith is developed within our heart. 

 “Faith works by Love” is what Galatians 5:6 says and one version of the Bible says, “The only thing that counts (matters) is Faith expressing itself through Love.”            There is a movement out there that is trying to destroy the necessity of Faith and calling faith, works.   This is doctrine of demons!!!!    “FAITH WORKS BY LOVE”!!!!!!   

         So this River of Life flowing into us is filled with the Infinite and supernatural Love of the Father!   Our job is simply to acknowledge this supernatural flow of the Father’s Love and park our heart on His Love and drink from it very deeply and long by the power of the Holy Spirit!   Someone might ask, “How do you drink of the Love of the Father and the Holy Spirit and of heaven when they are, by-large, unseen to the natural mind.

  Drinking of the Spirit is the similar as drinking ice cold Ice Tea on a hot day.   Your take the tea to your mouth, and deposit it into your mouth.  You ingest, partake of the tea into your body.  The only difference is that the Spirit is unseen.  So how do you partake and ingest something that is unseen?  Do you see the air you are breathing, if you live in L. A., maybe you could.   We breathe air into our bodies all day long, yet we don’t see, feel, touch it at all with our senses.

  If you just run a tough race, you might be “out of breath”, so you take deep breaths to fill your lungs back up, even though you cannot see or feel the air.   You just know, that you know, air exists, and you breathe deeply to fill your lungs which you cannot see.   The Spirit is the same.   It starts out with the same, you know that you know, the Spirit is there and you breathe deeply, and drink of the Spirit. 

 To get to the point where you know that you know, you ask the Holy Spirit to help you get to that point, and He does.  The Father draws all men to Himself, John 6:44.   The Spirit is always at work in all people drawing them to the Father.   Some listen and respond to the Spirit, some don’t, but He is always drawing all people to Himself!   There is something always churning in our spirits drawing us closer to God.   We just start to believe this, and focus the attention of our heart on this churning that is going on in the deep places of our being!

 We drink of the Spirit, we ingest, and partake of the Spirit.  Many times we have to be still and turn off all the negative noise that is flooding our minds and hearts.  “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10.            All the worries of life block our ability to hear and sense the Spirit moving inside of us.  So we must stop the noise of all the hurt in the past, the worry in the present and about the future, and simply be still before our God and listen and receive from Him.

  In 2 Corinthians 3:18, it talks about us beholding the Lord’s glory with an unveiled face, and see ourselves in His glory, as He is.   We have to turn off, the past, our failures, our hurts, our disappointments, unforgiveness, the law, the expectation of perfect obedience.  This are the things that veil our hearts from receiving the movement of the Spirit, ultimately, all movement of the Spirit is the Father’s Love! 

 So we drink of this all powerful, supernatural, River of the Father’s abounding and Delightful Love into the depths of our being!!!!!   We drink and enjoy the River in which we are in!!!!     SHALOM!!!!!!!

Jerry Brown       7-28-2013

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