Saturday, July 27, 2013

"I just want to be Loved" Last Words of Dying Friend!!!!

Good Morning Precious One!!!

A good friend just passed away the other day and his last words were, “I just want to be Loved, I want more Love”.       He was feeling the cry and ache of everyone of our hearts!   This need for Love is the greatest of our human hearts!  Just like the old country song says, “We are looking for love in all the wrong places.”   Ultimately, this great and insatiable need for infinite, unfailing, and unconditional love only comes from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

  Human love, as good as it can be, is still finite in nature and can only go so far.   But the Love of the Father is infinite, limitless and “as high as the heavens are above the earth.”  God is Love!!!!   The Father’s Love fills heaven!  Heaven is the full expression of the Father’s Love!  Heaven is the continual expression and manifestation of His Love in its absolute totality.    The “Good News of Great Joy” is that, at salvation, we were raised with Christ and have been seated in Christ in the heavenly realms.

  Not only are we living there now, in Christ, but the Father is continually pouring His Love into our hearts through His Holy Spirit while we are on the earth!  We are filled with fullness of Christ, we have been glorified and perfected in Christ Jesus at salvation, so we are never without this infinite Love being poured into our heart, and we always living in the heavenly realms, even while we walk on the earth!

  Yes, unconditional and infinite Love is our greatest need, but the good news is that this insatiable need fulfilled in us because we are in Christ and are as He is.  The need is always being fulfilled by the Holy Spirit revealing this Love to our heart!   We just need to tune into the Spirit to receive the revealing and manifestation of the Father’s Love.   The Spirit will make this Truth of us being seated in the heavenly realm more real and powerful in the depths our heart!

 The natural mind cannot comprehend or know this Love of the Father in substance, apart from the Spirit!  The Father’s Love is a spiritual substance and it takes Faith on our part to receive and appropriate this Love!  This loving substance is released from the Father’s heart to our heart by the Holy Spirit!  People can know some love apart from the Spirit, but the Spirit is the only who releases the true nature and substance of the Father’s Love!!!   People can know about heaven intellectually by reading books and testimonies of others, but to real “Know” this Love and experience this Love, it is impossible apart from the Spirit of God!

  The Love of the Father comes from His heart, and is expressed in totality in heaven, and we experience all of His Love through His Spirit!!!  We can experience heaven by the Spirit!   We are seated in the heavenly realms right this very second, therefore we can experience this realm of heaven by the Spirit.  The Kingdom of heaven is within each of us!  “The kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21.       We have total access to the heavenly kingdom right now through the Spirit!

  So if you want more of the Father’s Love in the depths of your heart in a experiential way, the Holy Spirit will reveal this Love to us, and make it powerfully real to us!   Our job is to behold, take hold and abide in this Love by the power of the Holy Spirit!   We may not always feel this Love that is continually and constantly being poured into our hearts, but we just simply believe the Truth that this outpouring is occurring! 
 No matter what the circumstances, no matter how dark and negative, nothing can separate us from this outpouring of His Love pouring into our hearts through the Holy Spirit!   There are things that will keep us from receiving His Love into our hearts.  God’s Love never stops flowing, but we can stop the flow from entering into our heart in a manifest way by holding unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, fear, condemnation, unbelief……   These things stifle our ability to experience the Father’s Love and blessings!

   We just need to abide in the Father’s Love and keep receiving His Love no matter how deeply people may hurt us, and no matter how deep the pain in our heart is!!!  We just simply turn to the Father’s outpouring of Love into our heart in the depth of our hurt and pain and His Love refreshes and strengthens us and gives us he power, ability, and grace to Love the ones who are hurting us very deeply!   The Father’s Love flowing through our heart gives us the ability to love unconditionally and supernaturally just like the Father!

  So we just simply abide, receive, dwell, enjoy the River of abounding, Joy-filled Love of the Father released to us by the Holy Spirit!!!    This Love fulfills the ache in the depths of our heart!      SHALOM!!!!!

Jerry Brown       7-27-2013

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  1. Thank you brother for pouring your heart out, his love heals all pain. There is no despair when we focus on our Father's love! Let's get our eyes off of us and look towards his never ending flowing river of love.



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