Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you Drink Excessively? Of the Spirit?

Good Morning Precious, Dearly Loved, Completely Forgiven, Washed in the Blood, Glorified Child of God!

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:37-38.       The Father created the human race with an insatiable need and thirst for unconditional, supernatural and perfect Love!  People are always trying to fill this need for God’s Love by a myriad other worldly ways.   But it is the need for the Father’s Love that people are sensing deep inside of themselves.  The human race was created in the Father’s image and likeness, so from this image and likeness is this absolute need and craving for perfect and divine Love!  Created into mankind is this thirst and hunger to be Loved, honored, respected, celebrated…  This is just the nature that God created mankind with. 

  But the Father didn’t just leave mankind thirsty and unfilled!  At the Cross, Jesus completely removed the nature of sin that each human inherited from the “Fall of man”.  This is contrary to what a lot of churches teach where they say that Christians have two natures!  This is impossible because Christ lives in every believer and every believer lives inside of Jesus the Bible refers to about a hundred times.  

 Romans 8:30, says we HAVE BEEN  glorified;  we HAVE BEEN perfected, Hebrews 10:14;  “As Jesus, IS, so ARE we, in this world.”;  You are one Spirit with Him, 1 Corinthians 6:17 and you HAVE BEEN seated with Christ in the heavenly realms, Ephesians 2:6.      If you have two natures, then you have to belief that Jesus has two natures as well, the nature of sin!  Because “as Jesus is, so are you”! 

 Jesus could not live in you if you still had the nature of sin and you could not be seated in the heavenly realms in Christ and in God if you had the nature of sin still in you, could you?   While it is true that every child of God sins, that does not mean that just because a person sins that they have the nature of sin.   If I bark and walk on my hands and knees, does that mean that I have the nature of a dog; or if I meow, does that mean I am a cat?  Absurd!!!!    To think that you could live in Christ, in the heavenly realms, glorified, perfected, and one with Jesus and still have the nature of sin; Absurd!!!!! 

 You are a brand new creation!  The nature of your sin has been crucified, taken away, buried, and killed by Jesus at the Cross!   “God made him who had no sin, to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21.   Jesus became sin and took the nature of sin out, so you could be filled with the Father’s righteousness, glory and perfection!   There is a hunger in man for wholeness, this perfection that the Father has given to each person who has Jesus and the Holy Spirit living in them! 

 The River of Life is 100% wholeness, Love, Joy, Peace, prosperity; it is the fullness of God flowing through each and child of God into the inner man, the deepest part of man!  Each Child of God has His nature, His Spirit, His heart, flowing through them by the Holy Spirit!   All this truth is all Spiritual truth and it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal this to the heart of man!  The human mind cannot comprehend the Spirit knowledge.  Faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ.” Romans 10:17.    The word is the “rhema” or spoken word of Christ to the heart of man! 

 This is revelation by the Spirit.  So drink of this revelation by the Holy Spirit!  Drink excessively of the Spirit!  Drink until your inner man is bubbling over with Love and Joy and Peace and power and provision from the kingdom of God which He has given to you!!!   Drink of the Rivers of Life flowing into and then through you!  Drink until you manifest the kingdom of Love, power and provision in abounding fashion!     DRINK!    “Taste and see that the Lord is Good.” Psalms 34:8.     

Received by Jerry Brown from the Father on 1-24-2013

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