Saturday, January 19, 2013

Living by Receiving from the Heart!

Good Morning Precious, Dearly Loved, and Glorified Child of God!

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, strengthen in the faith as you were taught, overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7.             And how did you receive Christ Jesus as Lord?  The gift of Grace was offered to you and you received the Gift into your heart and confessed your belief with your mouth.   To receive is the Greek word “paralambano”, which means to take hold, to take from, to take aggressively or deeply into one’s heart.   This word is very similar to the Greek word in Philippians 3:12 “Katalambano” which means to take hold off, to seize with tight grip, to grasp something until it is their own, to possess in the depths of one’s heart. 

  So you are to live in this constant stance of receiving, taking hold, possessing into the depths of your heart all the Grace and Blessings and Love that is continually being poured into your by the Holy Spirit!  This is not an intellectual activity solely, this “taking” or receiving involves action of the heart.   The heart is the center of your being; it is the founding place that makes you who you are.  It is where your essence of your being comes from.   So this receiving is the taking of the flow of the Spirit’s Love and Blessings into and by your heart, the deepest part of your being.  

 Many people do not know to access their heart.  Some people are so controlled by their minds that their hearts seem not even to exist.   Some people so controlled by emotions that their hearts cannot be accessed either.   The heart contains both the intellect and emotions but is deeper than these.  There is a deeper place, the seat of the inner man!  The “Good News of Great Joy” is to seize and take over and possess your heart! 

The Love of the Father is always being poured into your heart by the Holy Spirit.  This is a continuous flow that never stops, even if you are having a horrible day!  This is very similar to the Rivers of Living Water that are constantly flowing into and through you!   The heart that is gripped in fear, anxiety, condemnation… will have a hard time receiving from the Lord.   The power of the Holy Spirit can break through the hardest of hearts so that heart can start receiving and possessing all of their inheritance in the kingdom of heaven! 

 At salvation, the old heart of stone is taken out and a new heart of flesh (softness, moldable) is given to each and every new believer who becomes a new creation in Christ!  The problem comes when people don’t believe they have a new heart from heaven, from the heart of the Father, and still view life through the old attitudes of the old heart.  

 “Perfect Love drives out fear.” 1 John 4:18.   “God is Love, and the one who abides in Love abides in God and God in Him.  By this, Love is perfected with us.” 1 John 4:16-17.        As you abide in the outpouring of the Father’s perfect, healing Love, it casts out the fear and perfects your heart so you can receive and take hold of your complete inheritance!  “By His stripes you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24.   Healed is from the Greek word “Sozo”.    It is the complete salvation, deliverance, prosperity as you are in heaven, glorified, perfected, one with Jesus, and Jesus is!   This happened to you at salvation, in the Spirit realm and you are to no longer look at yourself by the flesh but only by the Spirit, 2 Corinthians 5:16.   

   So take hold, possess this Love by the power of the Holy Spirit, with your whole heart!   Just keep inviting Holy Spirit to consume and possess your entire being, especially your inner being!    “His Loving-Kindness leads us to repentance.”    His Loving-Kindness softens your heart and allows you to let go of all the hurt and wounding of the past so you can take hold of who you are In Christ; perfected, glorified and one with Him!! 

Received by Jerry Brown from the Father on 1-19-2013.

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