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Testimonies thru 5-16-2013

Testimonials 2013


*         5-16-2013       EXCRUCIATING FOOT PAIN GONE!!!!!!     Prayed for someone who had extreme foot, back and leg pain.  He has been in severe pain for two years.  His foot pain has been so bad that he cannot drive and has been on pain pills.  He said that yesterday's pain was the worst, he said it felt like his foot was on fire with pain.  We took him into the heavenly realm of where he was glorified, one with Jesus, and as Jesus is and where no pain existed.  He was really able to see and feel this realm of complete Joy, Love and wholeness!  After the prayer, he said he felt really, really good!  He said ALL of the pain in his foot was gone and that there was only a little pain still left in his leg and back!  I believe that pain will leave also!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!   He is soooooo happy, he said he had no life before and was even suicidal because of the pain and the inability to live.   He said he was going to get a Bible and get to know Jesus more! 

*      5-15-2013    EXTREME PAIN IN HER FEMALE AREA HEALED OVER THE PHONE!!!       A friend called last night saying that his friend was in a lot of pain.   She got on the phone and said she was in bed with ice packs and could not move because the pain was so great.   After the prayer she really couldn't tell if pain was gone because she didn't want to move.   My friend called me this morning and said that ALL of her pain was gone in the morning!!!!!      No Pain in heaven!  She saw herself there pain-free!!!    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*      5-13-2013       BROKEN  LEG, BANGED UP KNEE AND TOE!!!!   A young came into a restaurant on crutches.  I asked if I could pray for him and told him a few testimonies about broken bones being healed.  He said OK for the prayer, but said he didn't pray very much himself, as if this would disqualify himself from being healed.  I told him that God loved him and wanted to healed him, in fact, already did at the Cross!   He was open to receive the miracle!  After the short prayer he said that his leg and knee felt a lot better, not 100%, but a lot better!   He was amazed and very happy!

*        4-29-2013       FINANCIAL MIRACLE!!!!        Prayed for a man a week ago for supernatural financial blessing.   Got an email yesterday saying that his mortgage was some how paid by the mortgage company this month.   He said, "Praise God for answered prayer."  

*         4-29-2013         ALL PAIN GONE!!!!!   An elderly lady and her daughter came to the tent.  She could barely walk because of the severe pain in her feet from gout.   She said she had cancer as well.   She had just been born again for only a couple of weeks.   She knew almost nothing of the Bible.   She entered into the presence of God, saw herself in heaven with Jesus during the prayer!   She was filled with Joy!  She saw herself completely healed, whole, full of Love and Joy seated in the heavenly realms!   She really entered into the spirit realm.  She was breathing deep breaths trying to absorb everything she was experiencing deep into her being!  I didn't coach her in this, she just started doing this on her own.   When we got done, she was so full of Joy and all the pain in her body, including her feet was gone!!!!!!!   She was Praising God!!!!

*       4-30-2013         NO MORE BLEEDING GUMS!!!!!    The same young man whose marriage is being supernaturally and miraculously restored told me that when he received the pray for his allergies (see testimony below),  his gums that had been bleeding in the mornings for over ten years, stopped bleeding!!!  He is amazed at the glory of God!!!  He just keeps entering into the glory of the Lord, where he is also, and the miracles keep happening!   His marriage just keeps getting better!!!!     Praise God!!!!

*         4-30-2013         KNEE PAIN, GONE!!!!      A lady cashier at gas station was complaining of the pain in her knee.  I put my hand on her knee, she said my hand was very hot.   After the prayer, all of her pain was gone!!!   She had the pain for a long time and was totally amazed by God!!!!   I just saw her a week later, she said, "No Pain"!  Very Happy!!!!

*      4-27-2013     LOST CAT FOUND WHEN STARTED TO DRINK OF THE RIVER OF DELIGHTS!!!!!        One of our cats got out last evening by accident.   I was calling him home in the Spirit all night long.   I walked the neighborhood this morning with no sign of him.   I had just written today's blog about drinking of the Rivers of the Father's Delight.   So, instantaneously, as I sat in my chair and started drinking of His Rivers of Delights of His Goodness, I hear noise on the roof of my house and my cat "BraveHeart" walked into the house to the Joy of Joyce and my hearts!!!!    AMAZING!!!!!!

*      4-26-2013     ALLERGIES STOP AS HE ENTERS INTO THE GLORY!!!!   My friend who is the one with the marriage testimony just below was struggling real bad with allergies the other day and for the last ten years.  It has been a very bad year for allergies in Southern Cal this year!  While we eating lunch at a restaurant, we took him into the glory realm where he lives in the Spirit, where allergies do not exist and his allergy symptoms stopped.   When he wakes up in the morning since this happen a few days back, he has been entering the glory realm of heaven where he is seated with Christ, and the allergies have not come back!!!!!!    "By His stripes we have been healed", we have been made whole as Jesus is, in heavenly spiritual realm right now!  Jesus purchased our wholeness at the Cross!   No allergies where we ARE seated in Christ in then heavenly realms!!!!  He drank of the Truth of the Spirit realm and He manifested  his healing and wholeness!!!!   "You Will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

*      4-24-2013   GRIEF TURNED INTO JOY!!!!    While we were shopping in Old Town Temecula, we got to talking to one of owners of a shop.   She was still suffering from a lot of grief from when her son died a year and a half ago.   She said she had gone to counseling but the deep grief was still in her heart.   I told her about the testimony of the lady whose son had been killed and run over by multiple cars and how she was now able able to enter into Joy.   As we prayed for her, I asked her to see Jesus, she said that all she could see was Him in darkness.  WE keep speaking, releasing, and declaring the Lord's glory to her.  She said her vision of Jesus was getting lighter.  Told her to keep looking at His glory.  Finally she could see Jesus in His radiant glory!  After a bit, she was able to see herself in the fullness of His glory with His Heart that was full of His Love, Joy and Glory!!!!   She was very thankful and happy!!!!!

*    4-21-2013    EMOTIONAL DARKNESS GONE, THEY ALL WERE FILLED WITH THE FATHER"S GLORIOUS LIGHT AND JOY!!!!!!  Prayed for about five men this week at the tent.   All of them were struggling with feeling darkness on their insides and feeling very distant from God.   Struggling at home, at the job, everywhere.    Took them into the heavenly spiritual where they are already seated in Christ and they all entered into the Lord's glory of His Love and Joy and wholeness!!!!    One of the guys arm started to shake and he could not stop it.  I told him it was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit!   They all left very happy!!!!!!!
*     4-18-2013  ELDERLY LADY HEALED OF STAGE FOUR CANCER IN HER EYE!!!!!    Two people stopped by the tent a month or so ago, they were going to pray for their friend with cancer.  I suggested that I go with them to pray for their in person.   I went with them.  They didn't have much hope because of the stage 4.  The lady had very little energy.  I had the lady do something she hasd never done before.  I had her close her eyes and visualize the Truth of God's Word.   It was uncomfortable for her at first, but she tried and was able to enter in and see into the Spirit!  I had her see Jesus take all of cancer away on the cross, she herself being raised with Jesus, She herself seated in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, completely healed, healthy, full of Joy and Love.   She never saw herself or even thought of herself in heaven before.  I shared with her the verse in Colossians 3:3 that she had already died and that life was with Christ in God.   Well she got very tired entering into the Spirit realm, but she was able to see herself completely healed and sense the Love and Joy of Jesus inside of her.   Yesterday, I found out that she is completely cancer free and the doctor said she was in such good health to not come back for a year.   She is going to start oil painting again, something she had to stop when the cancer came!!!!!   Praise God!!!!!!    It honors the sacrifice of Jesus when we see ourselves healed and whole as we are with Him seated in heaven, NOW!!!!!

*        4-18-2013      CONTRACTOR FINANCES INCREASES, "PHONE RINGING OF THE HOOK, MORE WORK THAN HE CAN HANDLE".     A friend stopped by the tent a little over a week ago.    He was having a hard time paying his bills because his contractor work had just really slowed down to almost a standstill.   He had a dream and he said the Lord told him that He wanted my friend to tithe more and give a one time gift to a ministry of a rather large amount, not give it to a church.   He had no idea how this could happen since work was so slow!  We prayed for supernatural increase and saw himself in heaven where "lack" does not exist, only the fullness of the kingdom in over abounding measure!!!!   He told me yesterday that ever since the pray that the phone has not stopped ringing and has more work than he can handle!!!!   He came to believe that God has plans to prosper him!!!!  He saw himself in heaven where financial prosperity IS!!!!!!!!

*       4-13-2013   TOOTH PAIN HEALED!        A lady stopped by the tent and she said the Lord told her to have me pray for her tooth and jaw before she went to the dentist.   I had just given this young friend impartation for healing.  I asked her if it was OK if my young friend who is on fire for the Lord did the praying since he just received impartation.  She said "yes".   He prays a very short prayer. The lady said all of her pain was gone!!!!!   The man was very excited to see God move through him like that!!!!!

*    4-13-2013      HEADACHE GONE!      While the young man was still at the tent, a friend of mine came to the tent to pray with me.  He said he had a headache.   The young man prays and all the headache pains is gone!!!!!!

*    4-13-2013      LADY WHO WAS FILLED WITH FEAR, GUILT AND SHAMED FILLED WITH HOLY SPIRIT, HIS PEACE, LOVE AND JOY!!!!!       This family stops by the tent.  I had prayed for the husband earlier and he really saw and received the New Heart that Jesus has given to us.  He wanted me to pray for his wife as well.   She shared this extremely fearful  dream she had.   I told her that we are always to take all of our thoughts captive to the Cross of Jesus.   I felt the dream was merely exposing a spirit of fear that was inside of her.   She got baptized in the Holy Spirit and then she was able to see the glorious new heart inside of her that Jesus had given to her!  She was able to see herself gloried, perfected, one with Jesus and as He is, in the Spirit!!!  She got filled with so much Joy, Peace and Love of the Lord, she was a different person when she left!!!!!

*   4-13-2013         LADY WITH CANCER AND EMOTIONAL FAMILY TURMOIL FILLED WITH PEACE!!!!!!       This lady, a friend of my wife's, stops for prayer.  She has cancer and lots of extended family difficulties, stress and rejection.     We take her into the place in the Spirit where she is perfected, healed, made whole where sickness and disease cannot exist, glorified...... as she is in the Spirit.   She enters in to the heavenly spiritual realm very easily.  She sees herself completely healed, strong, full of Joy, Love and Peace inside of Jesus in the heavenly spirit realm.  She then sees her immediate family and then her her extended family who had been giving her difficulty.   She starts to cry as she experiences the Love of the Lord for her!  My wife talked to her a couple days later and she said she was still feeling very Peaceful!  We will hear about the report of the cancer later!

*  4-16-2013       BACK PAIN HEALED OVER THE PHONE!   A friend of mine calls pretty often  to have me pray for the people he meets.  A co-worker's of his husband had fallen off ladder I believe and in a lot of back pain.  I have him if was ready to receive his miracle, he said, "yes".   After the prayer, he kept saying, "it's a miracle"  he was so happy and amazed!!!

*      4-17-2013       REALLY DESTRUCTIVE MARRIAGE ENTERING INTO THE JOY AND GLORY AND LOVE OF THE LORD BY THE SPIRIT!!!!!  AMAZING!!!!!!!         A young friend was really having a very, very, very difficult time in his young marriage!!!!!  It was filled with arguments and even some violence!  He was ready to walk away from it.    Then he started to really take hold of the Truth that he was glorified and perfected in the heavenly spirit realm.  He saw and sees that the Father really enjoys him and his wife and celebrates them in His Agape unconditional Love!  This has been an amazing story!   He says that they are not perfect, but if one of them goes into the flesh, the other is there still in the Spirit, full of Love and Joy and Glory!  He says that most of the time, their marriage is filled with continual Joy and Love for each other!!!!!  He says his wife wants him to read the Bible to her as her spiritual leader!!!  This NEVER happened before this Holy Spirit revelation of just how much the Father celebrates and enjoys them!   He said the changed happened when he opened up his heart and set his heart on the Truth that he and his wife were already in heaven, perfected in the Father's Love!!!!!  He used to be very intellectual, but he said now he is experiencing God at the heart level!     AMAZING!!!!!!!!   To God be the Glory!!!!

*4-11-2013    VOICE HEALED FOR A PROFESSIONAL RECORDING OVER THE PHONE WITH HER MOM!        A friends daughter was going into a professional studio to record the next day but her singing voice was very tired, sore and damaged.   The daughter was in Texas and we were on the phone in California.   Her mom told me that her voice felt great the next day and was praising God to the others about God's goodness and healing Love!   Normally, she hadn't done too much praising God outwardly to he friends!   

A young gal texts and asks for a "Brain Tap" because she was taking a test.  It was a World Religion class and she really didn't want to study these other religions.  The "brain tap" is something I picked up from Dave Duell.  It is the supernatural impartation of wisdom to excel!  She only missed one question.   We have seen a lot of miracles in taking tests from this "Brain Tap"!    It is Amazing!  It is Supernatural!!!!

*        April 2013    YOUNG GAL SHOULDER AND BROKEN HEART  HEALED.        I was at a Farmers Market with a friend.   I asked the cheerful cashier if she needed any healing prayer for her body or if she had a heavy or broken heart.   She said she had both.  She said her pain in her shoulder was about an 8 on a scale of one to ten.   All of her pain left, and she said she felt heat go all through her body while praying for her heart.    She said she felt Peace and Love in her heart.   I went back to the market about a week and a half later.  She said that all of her shoulder was gone and that she felt the Love God in her heart.   I asked her to be real truthful with me especially about the heart.  She said again that the burden  of her was gone and that she felt much Love in her heart!!!!!!!  
*         3-7-2013       EXPERIENCES THE HOLY SPIRIT THEN GETS SAVED! A man stopped by the tent yesterday.   He just starting reading the Bible for the first time a couple of weeks earlier.  He had never read it before and had very little knowledge of the Bible from his past.  I put my hand on his shoulder and shared with him what Jesus did for us at the Cross.  After a couple minutes, I took my hand off his shoulder.  He said he felt heat go all through his body while my hand was on him.  He said he wanted Jesus to come inside of him and live in him for eternity and he got baptized in the Holy Spirit!  Praise God!!!!!

*   3-5-2013          EXTREME GRIEF HEALED!!!!!   AMAZING!!!!         A lady stopped back by the tent and told me that she was doing so much better after she received prayer at the tent.    She had the look of joy in here heart!   When she came to the tent, a couple weeks earlier, she came crying in tears with very deep pain and grief.   Her son had been run over by multiple cars on the freeway and killed four or five months ago.  She had been through counseling and grief therapy, but nothing could take hear pain away.  After working with her to see her son and herself seated in Christ in the heavenly realms full of joy and Love, she started to accept the joy in the new heart Jesus had given her.   Her grief was sooooo strong, but the Holy Spirit broke through her overwhelming sadness and despair!  It was one of the most powerful miracles I have experienced!!!!     Praise God!!!!!

*     3-2013        AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDER SYSTEMS GONE!!!! A gal stopped by the tent with a auto-immune disorder.   She said she was living in constant fatigue and many other symptoms for a couple of years.   Took her into the heavenly realm where she had already been healed, perfected, full of Love and His Joy and she received her healing!!!!   All of her fatigue and other symptoms have left since the prayer.

*   2-2013         KNEE AND HEART GETS HEALED!!!!!!       young man stopped by and he had just gotten out of the Marines a week prior.  He was a Special Forces Marine.   A bomb blew up while in the war, and sent him flying twenty feet in the air.   He said it was a miracle that he was still alive.  He said he had like 47 pieces of shrapnel in his leg and one big piece in his knee cap.  He was in bad pain and needed surgery.   Released healing into his leg by the Holy Spirit, and all of his pain left!!!!!   He told me he has PTSD from the war and that he would get angry at random times.   Took him into the heavenly realm of peace, Love and Joy and had him see the new heart inside of himself that was full of Jesus' Love and Joy.   When he saw that this new heart was a gift to him, he started to cry because he was so happy!  He said the healing of the leg was good and he was very grateful  to God for, it but he said the greatest gift was the  new heart!!!!  It was Awesome!!!!!

*     3-2013      EXPERIENCES HIS NEW HEART AND FREEDOM!!!!     A young man stopped by and said the doctors had diagnosed him as being schizophrenic.   Took him into the realm of heaven where he was perfect in Christ, and he saw his new heart that was perfect.  He felt so much peace and Joy and  felt set free!

*  3-1-2013     MANY HEALED AT HOME GROUP MEETING!!!!       Ministered at a home group meeting.  About eight people said they had pain in their bodies.  Neck, back, headaches, feet pain.   Seven out of the eight manifested their healing!!!  One of the men had bad back for a very long time.   Praise God!!!!

*    1-28-2013      NO MORE NECK PAIN!!!!       I want to share a praise report...I have not had to wear my neck brace since you prayed for my healing. PRAISE GOD!  received 1-28-2013.    Prayed for her on 12-27-2012.          
*       1-21-2013    ELBOW PAIN GONE!!!!       Prayed for a friend of mine who had a very painful elbow from cross country skiing.  I was telling him about all the recent testimonies of people getting healed by simply taking them in the Spirit to the place of perfection in the heavenly realms where we all live In Christ.   All of his pain left while he was in this realm!   Hallelujah!
*      1-21-2013   KNIFE WOUND PAIN GONE!!!!          Prayed for a young man over the phone in the morning.  He had painful muscle spasms in his arm where he had been stabbed with a knife.  After the prayer, all the pain disappeared.  He couldn't believe it!  He asked, "How did you do that"?   Told him the Holy Ghost just released into his arm what Jesus did on the Cross 2,000 years ago!   My friend Scott, lead him to the Lord and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!
 *       1-2013       FINANCIAL MIRACLE!!!!!!          A lady stopped by the tent late.  It was already dark, I was on the phone.   She needed financial miracles.   I prayed over her and the gift of faith came over me.  I felt such assurance about the coming miracles that I told her to sleep well that night because the miracles were coming!   I received an email from her the next morning saying that the same night, someone had deposited $500 in her bank account!   She said she fell on her knees crying and thanking God!!!!    God is SOOOOO    Good!!!!!!
*      1-17-2013    BROKEN BONES, ETC  HEALED!!!!!!     This day was one of the most powerful days at the tent!   Seven people stopped by and I lead them all through the Cross to where they saw themselves in Christ, One with Christ, Glorified and perfected in Christ, seated and living in the heavenly realms, then took then to the River of Life with Jesus!  Four of the people got baptized in the Holy Spirit!  I had them all look in the Spirit to see and visualize the Spiritual Truths and then enter in with all their heart to breathe in and take in the perfect realm of heaven into their heart!  I didn't release healing over them, just had them enter into the realm where they are already healed!
        The first young man came with a broken foot and broken toes from three days earlier.  He had one of those big, over-sized shoes from the doctor.   After the prayer, in which he went under the Spirit and fell back into his chair, he said he could wiggle his toes with no pain!  He couldn't do that before the prayer.  Then he got up and started walking, he couldn't believe it, All the pain was gone!!!!
        Another lady stopped by who had a lot of family problems and health issues.  Took her into the same heavenly realm of perfection, had her take it into her heart.  When she saw her family in the same place of perfect Love, Joy of God, she started to cry!  As she was leaving, she said her arthritis pain in her knees was gone! 
         The next guy came had a broken leg in the upper thigh area.  He had been in a motorcycle accident about a year earlier.  The doctors had put a steel rod in his leg to try to get the bones to heal together.  This was not happening and they wanted to take out the rod, drill bigger holes in his leg, and put in a bigger steel rod.  In desperation, he stopped by the tent.  He was in a lot of pain.   After the Baptism of the Spirit, took him to the same place of perfection in Jesus.  When he opened his eyes, most of the pain was gone!   He still had slight pain in his knee.  All the pain in the thigh bone was gone!  The only time all day that I laid hands and released healing was then to his knee.  He said his pain was less than a one, just a tiny bit there!
        Then a lady stopped by who told me her story of being kidnapped and almost murdered.  Amazing story!  She got baptized in the Holy Spirit.  She experienced the power!!!    I took into the same place of absolute healing in the heavenly realm!   She had hand pain that completely disappeared!
          Another older gentleman stopped by with anxiety and panic attacks.  Took him to the same place of perfection.  Had him see everything in his life in this place of glory, Love and Joy of the Father.    He started crying and felt great relief.   Am amazing day taking people into the heavenly realm where we are seated in Christ and watching the Holy Spirit work powerfully in His people!
*    1-11-2013  FROM HATRED AND DESPAIR TO THE JOY AND LOVE OF THE LORD!!!!!      A gal stopped by the tent and came to us crying deeply and in deep pain.   Jawaid and Tammy were with me to pray for her.    She had recently gone through a divorce and the husband was not helping out financially at all.   She was left alone to care for her two kids.   She felt utterly abandoned and was filled with hatred for her ex-husband.   We prayed that God would fill her "Love-Tank" with His Love by the power of the Holy Spirit and wash away all the pain in her heart.  Tammy and Jawaid both gave her words of what they saw in the prayer time.  Really good stuff!   When she opened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she was experiencing!  She almost fell backwards!  She everything had changed inside of her!!!  She was so happy, filled with peace, Love and Joy of the Father!  I asked her to close her eyes and now see her husband.  She couldn't believe what she saw.  She saw him through her new eyes of Love.  She was amazed.  I asked her to try and see him in the old way, she said she couldn't!   Praise God!!!!!!!

*    1-11-2013     JOY AND VISIONS!!!!      While praying for Tammy and Jawaid, I asked them to breathe in the heavenly realm of perfect Love, Joy, Healing;  as they are in heaven.   Tammy felt a lot of Joy and Jawaid was getting visions!   Both very encouraged!

*       1-12-2013        BAPTIZED IN HOLY SPIRIT AND FILLED WITH FATHER'S LOVE!!!!           At a home meeting, we were watching videos on Hearing the Voice of God by Mark Virkler.   After the videos, we prayed for one lady and she got baptized in the Holy Spirit and filled with the Father's Love, and another gal got filled with the Father's Love!   Very powerful time in the Holy Spirit!  Jawaid and Chi both gave them very encouraging words from what they saw in visions!   

*    1-13-2013       FROM AGITATION TO CALM!!!!      At the hospital, I went to see his mother who was really struggling, this young man, who I knew, was very drunk, upset, and very agitated.    At first he did not want a hug (in the past he has really responded well to the Fatherly embrace), but after seeing his mom again, not doing well, he got even more upset.   I asked him to go outside and while there I asked him if he wanted one of those hugs from the heavenly Father.  He said yes.    He calmed down completely and received the Love!  It was so good!!!

*    1-2-2013        LADY ENTERS INTO THE GLORY AND HER HUSBAND WHO WAS NOT THERE, GETS OVERWHELMED WITH THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!    AMAZING!!!!!           At a home meeting, we prayed for this gal who was going through a lot of emotional hurt and pain.    We asked the Holy Spirit to minister His Love deep into her heart and to cleanse all of the hurt of the past.  The Holy Spirit came on her very powerfully and she went from pain to the Holy Ghost laughter!   So much fun!   She said her inner pain was gone.    We asked her to see her husband the way God sees him and she did.   Later that day, her husband called her and said he loved her and he said that he had a strange feeling that he couldn't explain, but that he felt the Love of God come on him!!!!!   Hallelujah!!!!   Her daughter got baptized in the Holy Spirit as well.   Her mother also received healing of a lot of healing as the family embraced her and she received from the Holy Spirit!  An adolescent got baptized in the Holy Spirit's power and Love!



  1. keep talking about the love..the love never fails...
  2. Jerry this is about your ministry on Mother's day, the Holy Spirit was so awesome. Thank you for sharing your heart. As the Holy Spirit worked in his people, our hearts were washed with the word and cleansed of all the lies of the devil. I left feeling so different than when I came. Again thank you for driving all that way and preparing for the morning. Our God is an awesome God...Yeah God.
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