Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We Are In the Heavenly Kingdom of the Father's Complete Wholeness, Health and Prosperity!!!!

Hello Precious and Dearly Loved Saint and Child of Our Abba Father!

“For He has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness (the kingdom of sickness, disease, weakness, fear, lack, broken relationships, bitterness….) and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He Loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Colossians 1:13.      We have been completely taken out of the spiritual kingdom of darkness where sickness and disease weakness and lack find their source and we have been completely into the kingdom of Light!  This earthly realm, where we now live, is filled with darkness outside of us, but on the inside, we have been completely saved, healed, delivered and prospered as we are in the kingdom of heaven! 

 This is our problem though, our senses are so wrapped up in the external circumstances of the darkness in the world and our spiritual senses are dull by-in-large to the spiritual realm.   Most people have not been brought up with the mind and heart-set that we are all supernatural beings living inside of the kingdom of heaven, now.     In this kingdom of heaven where are currently seated in Christ, sickness, disease, weakness, lack…. do not and cannot exist!   That is why it says in Romans that “We are MORE than conquerors through Him who Loved us.”

   In this kingdom of Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit, there is not one cell of darkness anywhere in the entire kingdom!   This is the very real realm where we are currently seated in Christ, as He is; one with Him; glorified and perfected as Jesus is!!!   Many people believe this Truth is just a doctrine of theology, but this realm is infinitely more real and powerful than this earthly realm that we experience with our five senses.  

  In this realm of being and living in Christ, “for Christ, who is your life”, you are as supernatural and perfect and glorified as Jesus is!   This Truth of being supernatural as Jesus is, has to permeate our entire being because this is what Jesus purchased with His blood!   Jesus took us out of the kingdom of weakness and darkness and brought us into His kingdom and environment of perfection and all-mighty power!   We are in this all-powerful, supernatural, and miraculous kingdom right now and this kingdom is on the inside of us! 
 We have power and dominion over everything on the earth, including cancer and sickness and disease! 

 I get emails begging people to pray for a cure for cancer, I feel like sending back an email that says, “What part of “By His stripes, you have been completely healed,” do you not understand?   We have the cure for cancer and diabetes; it is called the Blood of Jesus!!!!!  And resurrection life within us!!!!!   Cancer, diabetes, all sickness and disease, has to bow down before the mighty name of Jesus!!!!   These things do not exist in the kingdom of heaven, the spiritual realm.  WE have power and dominion over them because Jesus conqueror them at the Cross!   We are in Christ!  We are never to see ourselves separate and apart from Jesus, even on the worst of days when your faith may be weak.  

 Can you see the Lord’s glory reigning and shining within you?   Can you see Jesus’ heart inside of you with all of His Love, Joy,  power and glory?   Can you see the kingdom of God within you and no darkness at all?   This is Truth for all children who have accepted the gift of salvation!  You have to look at the Lord’s glory first by the Holy Spirit, and then you see His glory is inside of you!   It is not in your flesh, the glory is in your Spirit, which is the very same Spirit of Jesus.  

 WE are all learning to live by the Spirit in this earthly realm.  This is where the power, Love and Grace of God exist and come from, “from the Lord who is Spirit.”   It is like living in the realm of the Super Bowl 24/7 with all of its excitement that never stops or runs dry.   The kingdom of heaven, in which you now live, is always the fullness of Love, Joy and supernatural life!   Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to open the eyes of your heart, so you can see into the heavenly Spiritual realm clearly and consistently!       SHALOM!!!!!!!

Jerry  Brown       5-6-2013

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