Sunday, October 20, 2013

Feasting and Drinking of the Spirit "On Earth As It Is In Heaven"!!!!

Good Morning Precious One!

“Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.   The Spirit was speaking this to me all night last.   “On earth as it is in heaven……”   This is the Father’s desire and Will for all of us, to experience in full measure the totality of heaven on the earth!!!!  We are intended and created to experience nothing less than this!   Heaven is full of His glory and He wants His glory to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea!!!

 He didn’t make us into new creations who were one with Him and He didn’t glorify and perfect us and pour the fullness of His Spirit into us so that we would just be a people who made a decision to follow Him to the best of our ability.  NO!  This is living under the law, this is self trying to do Christianity; this is eating from the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”   He created so that we could experience in full measure the “Rivers of Living Water”, His Spirit and the outpouring of His Love into our heart, by the Spirit!

 We are to “feast on the abundance of the house of the Lord (heaven) and drink from the River of His Delights.” Psalms 36:8.     We were created to drink, by Faith, of these Rivers of Joy, Love, Peace, Delight, Pleasures, wholeness, health, wealth, yes even wealth, as it is in heaven.   The Love or lust of money is the root of evil the Bible says, money is not evil in and of itself!  It is listed in the blessings in the Book of Deuteronomy, not one of the curses!!!

 Everything in heaven, the Spirit, is intended to flow through us in full measure!  There is no lack, weakness, sorrow, tears, grief….. Only perfect and abounding Love, Joy, supernatural power and strength…….   Everything in heaven is filled with Jesus’ Love and Joy, even the rocks cry out in Praise to God!!! 

The Father created us so we would experience Him in full measure even while walking in the darkness of the earthly realm.   We exist on the earth where the two realms of darkness and Light collide.  The earthly realm is filled with darkness, pain, condemnation, sin, the enemy, evil….. But also we can experience the Father’s Love, the kingdom of heaven here in the earthly realm as well!

  We choose and decide how much of the kingdom of heaven, the Father’s Love that we want to experience.   There is opposition in this earthly realm when we start to desire and experience the Spiritual heavenly realm.   Jesus was a man filled with perfection and yet He was crucified in this earthly realm.   This earthly realm is full of the heavenly realm of the Father where only perfect Love, Joy, Peace, Power, Strength exist and the dark realm of the enemy and all of his spiritual forces of evil.

   The Father’s desire is that we would experience His heavenly Life to the full and the thief comes only to steal, kill, destroy, accuse, devour, lie….   So while it is the Father’s Will that our lives would be full of His heavenly realm on the earth, there is this tension with the evil one as well who wants to overpower us with fear, discouragement, disappointment, weakness, sickness, disease….   The Holy Spirit is leading us closer into intimacy with the Father and Jesus and the spiritual forces of darkness are trying to destroy this relationship with the Father and Son at all costs.   We decide who we are going to let into our heart!

   The Father raised us with Christ into the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus the moment we received the gift of salvation, He poured His Holy Spirit into us to lead and guide and empower us and He wants us to experience His heavenly, abounding perfection, wholeness, prosperity in every area of lives!   We just let “on earth, as it is in heaven” flood the deepest places our hearts on a continual basis regardless of what is going on in the circumstances of the earthly realm.

 The enemy is always trying to discourage us trying to make too hard to live by Faith in the perfection of the heart of Father, but we continue to rise up and press into the Truth and reality of the heavenly realm on the earth, even though it is unseen, by in large, to the natural eye and regardless of the degree of difficulty!!!!!   “ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!     SHALOM!!!!!!

Jerry Brown       10-20-2013 

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