Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello Precious One!   
   Report on the latest trip to Gallup, NM.      October 11-13, 2013.

“This is My Move, on My People, in the revealing of My heart, like the earth has never seen before, similar to the move in Toronto where people flew in from all over the world to experience the outpouring.”                     These are some of the words spoken to me over a year ago in a visit to Gallup.
We had another amazing trip to Gallup last weekend!  John and Glory from Denver, Rob from Lake Tahoe, and the Three Amigos, Fred, Tony and I met there last Thursday night.   Prior to the trip, Glory had made contact with a woman in a church who had moved to Gallup eight years ago because the Lord told her to move there because there was going to be a huge, massive move of the Spirit upon the Gallup area.   So she moved there with one of her sons.   We got to spend a lot of time with her, Pat, and her son, Richard.   Pat brought her Pastor to meet with us as well.  His name is Pastor Dave.   It was a very delightful meeting as we all shared our vision that the Holy Spirit had been speaking to us.

   I had a dream a week before the trip and I saw huge, massive waves breaking and there was people inside of the waves, but they did not get hurt, but rather enjoyed the extremely powerful waves.  Obviously these were not ordinary waves but rather they were the all powerful move of the Holy Spirit upon His people.  The Lord told me that this was representative of the massive move of the Spirit in Gallup.   Pastor Dave has a very prophetic friend who had a very similar vision recently about a massive wave of the Spirit coming into Gallup.   He also said that this October would be a very significant month in this move of the Spirit.   So we plan on going back to Gallup next weekend, the last weekend in October.   We were there in the middle of the month, so now we will go at the end of the month.   Like Fred said, “Do we want to watch this move of the Spirit, or do we want to be in the middle of it?”

We were very busy on this trip.  We brought warm clothes, blankets, toothbrushes, deodorant… and food.   A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who donated to this trip!!!!!!!!!!!   Walmart donated to the trip as well!   Thank you Della!!!!!!    When the homeless people saw that, they swarmed upon us like a bee-hive!   We ask every one of them if they would like prayer and Blessing.  It is seldom that anyone refuses.  We speak and Bless them with Life, Love, power and strength into them and their families.  Since the move in Gallup is the revealing of the Father’s Heart in a massive move of the Spirit, we bless and speak Life into their new heart that they received at salvation!  Most of the time, they are very grateful for the blessing and prayer!!!  We pray for their bodies that need healing and they almost always get healed!  We saw elbows, necks, calves, backs, pain… healed!  Praise God!!! 

We also pray and minister to each other!  One of the most touching scenes I experienced on this trip was watching Fred minister Love and healing to Tony, his son!  It was awesome and powerful as Fred continually poured the Father’s Love into his own son!   It brought me to tears!   So much tender and compassionate Love!!!! 

We also had a great time of prayer and fellowship with Kevin and Nicole!  They hosted a Barb-b-q on Saturday night!  Lots of fun and fellowship!!!!  Fred White, Kevin’s dad, and Cathy, Fred’s wife and their two sons were there and we ended the evening with Fred speaking some very encouraging words over us, affirming what we were doing!   Then we prayed for Fred and his youngest son, Jalen.  Very powerful time in the Holy Ghost!!!   Sunday morning we all had breakfast together at Earl’s Restaurant and Kevin’s Grandma and Grandpa joined us!  We prayed and Blessed them and then Grandpa blessed us very powerfully in the Holy Ghost!!!  Awesome time in the Holy Ghost!!!!!

It was a very blessed time as everyone served and blessed each other and the people of Gallup!  John and Glory were tireless servants always willing to do the shopping and anything else that needed to be done and Rob was seemingly always singing songs of Praise to His God!  It was exciting witnessing Fred’s confidence in the Lord grow and Tony with his unending Joy and Compassion and prophetic words for the people!!!!    Truly a blessed trip in the Holy Ghost!!!!!!!   Like the song says, “Holy Ghost Fire in my soul, Holy Ghost Fire in my soul…”

We are so honored and excited to be a part of the massive move of the Spirit in the revealing of the Father’s heart to the peoples of Gallup!!!!!   We are going back next weekend, the 25th-28th to continue partnering with the Spirit with great anticipation in the revealing of the Father’s heart of Love!!!!!

Jerry Brown         10-18-2013

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