Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thoughts On Recent Trip To Gallup 10-27-2013

Good Morning Precious One!

We just got back from another fruitful and eventful outreach trip to the Gallup, NM.   Five of us; Fred, Tony, Steve and Nancy McGuire from Beaumont and myself,  left very early Friday morning and got their Friday evening to have dinner with Kevin and Nicole.   It is always good to see Kevin as he really hears from the Lord and is committed to seeing the Love of the Father and His heart revealed to the people of Gallup and surrounding areas.

  We went to the Gallup Flea on Saturday and handed out free sandwiches and prayed and blessed for many people.  Many people were healed of all kinds of physical pain and we blessed many people for strength and emotional needs.   We figured out a system so that we could pray for everyone who came for food.   Sometimes, we get a big rush on the sandwiches and it is hard to ask everyone if they want prayer, but we were able to pray for just about everyone.  Many times there are multiple people being prayed for at the same time. 

 There are lots of very hurt and wounded people.   We prayed for three young people who were a little bit reserved at first, and the scent of beautiful flowers appeared, as we prayed for each one at a time.   This was exciting and encouraging to experience the scents of heaven!!!!

 We prayed for a couple Pastors who had been hearing from the Lord the similar thing about a BIG outpouring of the Spirit coming to Gallup!!!  We keep hearing this more and more from more people and this encourages and confirms what we have been called to do and be a part of in Gallup!  Some people have asked why we are going all the way to Gallup when there is need here, locally.   The answer is that the Lord has called us to Gallup!  He keeps reaffirming His call and our part to this Call, over and over!!! 

We had a great and very fruitful day at the Flea Market.  After dinner, we came back to the hotel and we had very good and deep fellowship for a couple hours!!!  We pray and minister to each other, a very blessed time in the Holy Ghost!!!   Sunday, we had breakfast together, went to a local church for a bit and went back to our spot to feed and clothe the homeless.   We distributed jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, beanies….   A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO US SO WE COULD MINISTER TO THE STREET PEOPLE!!!!!

Most of the people were very grateful and say that they are very comfortable with us.   Some of them sit in the chairs and we talk and fellowship for awhile.  Some stay for long periods of time and we are able to really listen, pray, and minister to them, deeply!   Many of them have deep pain in their heart, and many want to stop drinking but feel powerless to do so.

  We do like it says in Isaiah 61.  We proclaim the healing of their broken and wounded heart by sharing with them that they have a new heart given to them at salvation.   We proclaim freedom and the favor of the Lord!  We Bless their minds, heart, bodies, family, relationships, finances, their whole being, as they in heaven!!!!   We flood them with Blessing and try to help them see into the heavenly, spirit realm where they are seated in Christ Jesus!!!

 Most of the people have received Jesus into their life at some point, but live in guilt, condemnation, weakness, shame, darkness and the law……..  We speak Life to them, we honor them and try to demonstrate the Father’s Love to them!   “Perfect Love casts out fear”!!!!!!   We believe that nothing is more powerful in all of creation than the Love of the Father!   NOTHING!!!!!! 

 We are trying to create the atmosphere of Heaven on earth so they can experience the Love of the Father and the depths of His heart!!!   We want them to “taste and see that the Lord is good”!   So many of them have such a bad taste in their mouth about God and church and religion!   They are turning to alcohol for comfort rather than God their Loving Father!  We want to demonstrate to them the Truth of the Father’s Love, Joy, Goodness and power in His Spirit that is more powerful and satisfying than alcohol!!!

We are seeing fruit in the people by our presence there and we are seeing fruit in our own lives as we all grow in the Father’s heart of Love and the reality of heaven being experienced on the earth!!!!!!

“This is My move, on My people in the revealing of My heart of Love, like the earth has never seen before…. Do you want to be a part of it?”   The Lord spoke this to me last June, in 2012.

Jerry Brown          10-31-2013

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