Monday, April 8, 2013

Seeing the Supernatural Truth Even In Weakness!!!

Hello Precious and Dearly Loved Child and Saint of Our Abba Father!

Do you see yourself consumed and possessed by the Lord’s Glory, Grace, Love, and new heart?   If you see this, you would be seeing truth!  Do you see yourself completely whole, healed, revived, in the fullness of Christ, as He is?   Do you see yourself glorified and one with Jesus, seated in the heavenly Places, right now, in the Spiritual heavenly realm?   This type of thinking is not very popular in today’s church that is filled with striving to become holy and righteous!  

  If you are weak in the natural, do you see yourself with infinite power in the Spirit?  If you are sick and diseased in the natural, do you see yourself completely healed and whole in the Spirit?  If you are struggling with sin, do you see yourself as the righteousness of God, filled with His Glory?  If you are struggling with low finances in the natural, do you see yourself with the infinite resources of the kingdom of heaven?  If you struggle with depression and oppression in the natural, do you see yourself completely filled with the Joy and Love of God in the Spirit?  If your marriage or family is struggling, do you see you mate and family perfected and glorified, filled with the Love and Joy of the Lord?   When you struggle with your heart seeing in the Spirit, do you look to the new heart of Christ that has already been given to you? 

 This is what Jesus purchased at salvation, nothing less than the same perfection and glory that He dwells in!  This has been all given to you as a free gift at salvation!  Can you simply receive the fullness of the glory of God and all of His resources as you very own?   “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the Faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:7.     

             All of this glory, perfection, holiness, righteousness cannot be earned, strived for by your obedience!  To think that your goodness can earn this kind of righteousness, holiness or glory, is an abomination to the heart of the Father!!!!!  Jesus died and spilled His Blood to purchase for you everything in the kingdom of heaven!  Many people will say, “Oh, she was a good person, so she will be in heaven.”  No one’s goodness will get them into heaven!!!!!!   It is all the free gift of Grace in the giving to us of everything that the Father has! 

 So see, meditate, accept with your heart, take hold, and receive by Faith everything already given to you by the Father!  See your new heart, consumed and possessed by the Love, Joy and fullness of Christ!  The more you behold the Lord’s glory as if looking in a mirror, the more you are being transformed into His likeness, with ever increasing glory!!!!!           SHALOM!!!!!!
Jerry Brown   4-8-2013

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