Friday, August 23, 2013

Accessing the Fullness of the Kingdom!!!!

Good Morning Precious One!

We live in a kingdom, a realm of complete and utter fullness of love, health, wealth, joy, peace, supernatural and miraculous power of God, our Father!!!!!    We are already In Christ, we are already in this kingdom, this is the kingdom of heaven!    We have already been raised with Christ into this kingdom, and this kingdom of heaven is inside of us right now, all of it!   In this kingdom of Christ in which  sickness, disease, sadness, weakness, lack… do not exist in any form whatsoever!

 This is the realm of complete and total perfection and glory!   The glory of God fills everything in this kingdom!   There is nothing in this kingdom that is not or has not been filled with the Father’s glory!  Everything and everyone has already been glorified!!!!!   “Those He justified, He has glorified.” Romans 8:30. 

 Everything in this kingdom is perfect as well; there is no darkness or weakness in this kingdom at all!   The Bible says we are “In Christ” about a hundred times!  To be In Christ is to be in the Kingdom.  It is the same thing!  To be In Christ, is to be in the kingdom of heaven, they are the same thing!  

 Faith is the key that unlocks everything in this kingdom and “Faith works by Love.” Galatians 5:6.    “Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word (this is the Rhema word, or the Spoken word of Christ to the hearts of man by the Holy Spirit) of Christ.” Romans 10:17.   Most Bible colleges think this Word is the “Logos” Word when it is not, it the Rhema Word.  They are to different things.   The Logos is the written word of the Bible. 

 They are a lot of people who have studied the Logos Word, yet are dry as the Sahara Desert!  There is no Holy Spirit, no Life, and no “Zoe” of God in their knowledge.  Their knowledge is just mere head, or intellectual knowledge, as in a student reading their text book.   To many people the Bible is just this, a text book to learn “about” God, rather than encountering a book that is alive and full of Life, “Zoe” and the heart of God, our Father.   

The Holy Spirit continually speaks Life to the person as we hear the Voice of God, the spoken or Rhema word from the Holy Spirit.   Faith comes through relationship with Holy Spirit!  Faith is the actual “stuff” or substance of God!  This is what unlocks and gives us access into this kingdom of God.   The kingdom is accessed and unlocked by this Rhema of the Holy Spirit and Rhema, Faith, works by Love.

 Love infers and necessitates, relationship!   So it is this relationship with the Holy Spirit who speaks to us the deep things of God, the Father and Jesus.   It is not in reading a million books about the Father’s Love!     This is Rhema is obtained, through the relationship with Holy Spirit.   This is why evidence of the kingdom is so rare.  Bible knowledge is not rare, but Rhema and the Life of the Holy Spirit is! 

 The Rhema, the spoken word of Christ through the Holy Spirit, is the evidence and substance of the fullness of the kingdom!  The kingdom and all of its blessings, all of its healing, health, Love, Peace, Joy wealth is made manifest on the earth through this Love relationship with Holy Spirit!!!!!!!!!!   Do you want to see more manifestation of the kingdom of God, then we need more Rhema of God, we need to hear from Him more and more!

  We don’t just go to God, the Father, for miracles and ministry gifts, we go to Him because He is our Loving Father!   The Holy Spirit reveals the heart of the Father and as we enter in and receive this Rhema from Him, we manifest more of the kingdom of heaven, of which we have the fullness already inside of us!  The fullness of the Kingdom is inside of us in spirit form already, Holy Spirit is the one who brings the Spiritual blessings of heaven into to being actuality and manifestation on the earth!

  Rhema is nurtured by Love.  So the more we abide in this Love, the more we will manifest the fullness of the Kingdom!!!!  So this realm is total and complete Love, Joy, power, prosperity in every area of Life and is already inside of every person who has received the Life of Christ in their heart.  This realm is made real and manifest on the earth through our Loving relationship with the Father and Son through the presence of Holy Spirit!   “Faith works by Love.”               SHALOM!!!!!!!!!

Jerry  Brown       8-23-2013

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  1. Jerry B Fire!! Amen brother, the love of the Father!! what else do you need? All things are possible thru him!!!! ALL THINGS!


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