Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heavenly Realities 8-21-2013

The Spirit speaking to me about the heaven realities!  This is what I heard. 

Heavenly Realities!

Your living in the heavenly realms is just as real as your life on the earth, but your life in the heavenly realm is infinitely more powerful and filled with perfection of Jesus!  Do not doubt the Truth and reality of the spiritual heavenly realm because you may not be able to see or feel this realm right now.   Just believe with all of your heart and drink of the Truth!

   The Bible says a hundred times that you are In Christ.  You live In Him!  “For you died and your Life is NOW hidden with Christ In God.” Colossians 3:3.    You have been raised with Christ and seated in the heavenly realms In Christ Jesus!   Set your heart and mind on these Truths!  People or circumstances cannot change the Truth or reality of this realm!   This realm is impenetrable by the flesh!

 The heavenly realm is the realm of perfection and absolute fullness, where lack of any form does not exist!   You are to view life with this heavenly mindset.  You are to set your mind on this complete and absolute Truth! I want you to view and regard yourself and others only, as you and they are in this spirit realm of heaven.  I want you to see yourself as you are there in this realm, not how things may be on the earth!
 You may have sickness on the earth, but I want you to see yourself and others as you are in heaven, perfectly healed, whole, one with Jesus and as He is, filled with His radiant glory!!!   To know Jesus is to know who you are, because “as Jesus is, so are you, in this world.” 1 John 4:17.     Your relationships may be struggling at home or at work, but I want you to all relationships as they are in heaven!   Perfect and infinite Love flowing through each and every person born again into Jesus!  I want you to look beyond your earthly circumstances, difficulties and see Life as it is in heaven! 

 I made you a new creation on the earth so you could release My Love and Life to the hurting, wounded and dark hearts of the earth!  Jesus did not come to earth to criticize, judge and condemn the world, but rather to release Light into all the darkness.     I have called you to release my supernatural and miraculous Life and Love into all the darkness, all the woundedness, all hurt and pain, even if it is done to you, even if it is done to you viciously, like they did to Jesus!  Jesus, on the Cross said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

  People do not know the full extent of My Love.  I made you a new creation to fill you with My glorious Love and raised you into the heavenly realms so you could experience all of My Glory, but I want you to share My Glorious Love with all the hurting and wounded people of the earth!  Again, even if they are hurting you!   Oh yes, people may know the Bible verses, but many do not know Me in a personal, deep and intimate relationship whom they relate to on a ongoing and continual basis.

  In the heavenly reality, My Love is ever present, in full power, every second of the day!  Time does not exist in heaven, but My personal Love is in full display and manifestation in every being in heaven!   Everyone and everything in heaven has been glorified, filled with the Father’s Glory, Romans 8:30!  Everyone in heaven is filled with the complete and full amount of My Glory, Love, power, Peace, Joy….

 Earthly circumstances can never change the Truth and reality of the Heavenly realm!!!!   So in the midst of the pain you may experience on the earth, you will bring the reality of heaven into the situation and change the atmosphere of the situations around you!!!!   You are My conduit through which I will use to bring this revelation to the people so they know and experience the power, the fullness of My perfect Love, as it is in heaven!   Are you ready to be My conduit to others in bringing the present reality of heaven to earth?

 To most people, heaven is just some future reality when they die, people are not setting their hearts on this present reality of heaven, that they have already been raised with Christ.  I want My people to have and live from the all-powerful revelation that the kingdom of heaven is within them and that they have already been raised there with and in Christ!!!!   Just keep drinking of this Truth yourself until you are overflowing in this powerful revelation!!!!!!      SHALOM!!!!!!!

Jerry  Brown      8-21-2013

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