Thursday, August 1, 2013

Releasing His Love and Life Into the Darkness!!!

Hello Precious One!

The Lord continues to speak to me about only speaking Life, Love and Blessings to people and situations that may be difficult, painful, and even seemingly hopeless to the natural mind.   He’s been saying to continue release His miraculous and supernatural Love into every situation, no matter the depths of the hurt or pain.   He just wants us to continue to drink deeply, deeper than ever before of His infinite and all-powerful, miraculous Love. 

 He has been saying that our response to His unconditional Love, is to give and release the same unconditional Love to each and every person, even the ones who may mistreat us.   His Kingdom is Love, and we live in His kingdom by the Spirit, so we are to release His Love and who we are in the Spirit to the world around us, no matter how dark and painful the world may be!

 Jesus took upon Himself all sin and all punishment of all people, even the people who hate Him!  He bore all the hate of the world upon Himself, He is asking us to do the same, to be His representatives to this sometimes dark and evil world.  We are His ambassadors to the evil and darkness around us.   He is asking us to live from and in His same heart of unconditional Love.

 The church of today is known for a lot of things, but unconditional Love is probably not high on the list.  Jesus said that the world would know that we are His disciples by our Love for one another!    He said this would be the sign of His disciples, their Love for one another.   In order to Love with His Love, we need to drink, abide, behold….. His Love.   It is not about just serving God to the best of our ability, it more about receiving from the Father’s constant outpouring of His Love into our hearts, and then loving with His Love!

 His Love is far superior than our weak and frail human love.   Creation is groaning for the glory of the Lord, not human morality!  The human heart cries out for perfect, all-powerful, supernatural, miraculous Love of the Father, not our human morality.   We were created to live and experience fully, the glory of the Lord.  We were created to experience fully His Love, Joy, Pleasures, Delights, and His Prosperity!!!!

   He has already given to us His kingdom!!!!!   “The kingdom of God is within us.”!!!!! Luke 17:21.    I don’t believe there is too much poverty and lack in heaven!   We are In Christ and all the glorious riches of heaven are in Him and the Bible says about a hundred times that we are in Christ Jesus!!!!    We ARE co-Heirs with Christ, right now!!!   In the Spirit, we are already seated in heaven and a member of God’s household.

  We just need to walk in the Spirit, live by the Spirit, be consumed the Spirit, then we will manifest the spiritual riches of heaven, while on the earth!   Just like Jesus prayed, “Your Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”!!!!    The problem is that we are so earthly and worldly minded.  We get filled with fear, anxiety, condemnation, bitterness, resentment, disappointment much too much of the time!!!  This is our problem, we let too much of the spirit of darkness into our hearts! 

We were created to be flowing in His River of abounding, delightful, joyous, all-powerful Love!!!!   This is His Will for our lives!   “Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”    In heaven, there is no, malice, condemnation, resentment, disappointment, hurt, pain; so we are to drink deeply and consistently of His River of His supernatural Love that is always flowing into our hearts!!!  

  Will you and I drink of His Love until our entire being, our minds, hearts, bodies, emotions…. Are filled to overflowing?   For this we were created!  “In His Presence is the fullness of Joy and Pleasures forevermore, at His right hand.” Psalms 16:11.   Will we consume ourselves with His Love and let go of our human frailty?   Will we embrace who we are in the Spirit, “As Jesus is, so are we, in this world.” 1 John 4:17, and Love with His Love flowing through us? 

  There is great reward to those who will lay down their own lives and pick up Jesus’ Life that is flowing into us with full power by the Spirit!!!!        SHALOM!!!!!!!

Jerry Brown          8-1-2013


  1. Wow.... a right on word at just the right time Jerry! Thanks, I needed that! Love you brother!

  2. Love...such a simple means of ending all of our problems and starting a new lease on life, a new lease on earth. On earth as it is in Heaven! Why not!! Let's focus on JESUS!!!!


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