Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heavenly Connoisseurs!!!!

Hello Precious One!

“In His presence is the fullness of Joy and pleasures forevermore, at His right hand.” Psalms 16:11             We live In Christ and in the heavenly realms on a continual nonstop basis in the Spirit.   We are always in the presence of God our Father because we live In Christ Jesus!   So we are always in His presence of the fullness of His Joy!   What does the fullness of Joy look like to you?   What were you doing when you felt this fullness of Joy?  Multiply what you felt and experience by infinity to know the fullness of Joy in the heavenly Spirit realm!

  If something is full, that means that there is no room for anything else.   Heaven is the realm of the fullness of His Love, Joy, peace, power, abounding wealth and complete wholeness of every area of our being!  What does this realm of the fullness of Love, Joy, Pleasures, delights, power…. Look like, feel like, to you?  
 Whatever brings you the most joy that is what you will be doing in heaven for all of eternity.   There will never be boredom in heaven, because His Love is always new and fresh!  We will not be taking classes about Joy in heaven, NO! we will be experiencing the fullness of His Joy and Love every second for all of eternity!

  Everything is alive and always changing.  There are continual new expressions for us to experience of the Father’s Love and Joy every second of every day.    Heaven is the realm of infinite Joy, Love and supernatural power where no limits of the flesh exist!  We can do all things without any limits!  We have been crucified with Christ, then raised with Christ into the heavenly Spiritual realm!  We have been seated with Christ in the Heavenly realms and we ARE members of God’s household!

 In the heavenly Spiritual realm, we always in His Presence living In Christ; glorified, perfected, one with Him and as He is!           We have already been seated in the heavenly realm and we are there NOW!!!!   Can you imagine yourself in heaven right now?   What would see?  What would feel?   What would that experience be like?   The Truth is that you are there, in heaven, right Now in FULL REALITY!!!!     Simply see and experience yourself In Christ and In Heaven. 

 “As high as the heavens are above the earth so great is the Father’s Love for us.” Psalms 103:11.      We will discovering the heights, widths, depths and lengths, everything about His Love for all of eternity!  This one simple Truth, has infinite depths behind it.   You can study the Greek and Hebrew language about all this verse means, in all of structure and meaning, and at some point this intellectual knowledge will come to an end.

 The Holy Spirit reveals the depths of the Father’s Love that has no end!  We need the Holy Spirit to breathe Life into these simple Truths, not just the dictionary!   The dictionary has some value, but Holy Spirit unlocks the deepest of experiential meaning in the Truth of the Father’s Love!   His Love has no end, His Joy has no end, heaven has no end!!!  Jesus has no end!   Can you imagine yourself in the midst of the Father and Jesus in heaven right now?

  Holy Spirit will open the eyes of your heart so you can see and experience this spiritual realm.    “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”   Taste and see the heavenly realm!!!!  How does it taste?   Wine connoisseurs get paid a lot of money because they know wine and all of its properties in great detail.   They go through a lot of training so they can recognize a truly great wine from a cheap one.   Are you ready to taste the deep things of the Spirit, the deep things of heaven?    We are to become heavenly connoisseurs!  Drink and be Merry!!!!!!        SHALOM!

Jerry Brown       9-22-2013 

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