Friday, September 6, 2013

The Gallup Trip!

Hello Precious One!

We just got back from our Out Reach Trip to Gallup New Mexico.    It was an amazing time to say the least!    The Lord spoke to me a year ago while I was in Gallup that He was going to move on the people of Gallup.  He told me, “This is My move, on My people, in the revealing of My heart with a power that  the earth has never seen before.”   He told me that His move of the Spirit would not be about Flesh or Flash, not about a man or a ministry.   He told me that the real All-Stars of this move would not be the fancy preachers and their fancy sermons, but He said that the real All-Stars of this move would be the people of Gallup of whose lives had been completely transformed by this revelation of the New Heart!   He told me before this trip that this was movement in the Spirit was going to start with us on this trip.

   So six of us: Fred, Tony, John, Glory and Chi went to Gallup with very high expectation!   This was the first time for me that we fed the people as we ministered to.   The first day, we went to the Flea Market in Gallup.  It was very crowded and we passed out free sandwiches, chips, candy, waters all day!  The people were surprised and very grateful!   Some people just took the sandwiches and left, and that was OK because we knew that we blessed them.   Some people just wanted prayer and some people sat down with us and ate and received prayer!

  It was an awesome sight watching the whole team very active in praying and serving the people totally unselfishly and with Joy!!!   We saw all kinds of healing miracles the whole weekend!!!   At first, when people needed healing, some would ask me to pray for the healing, I just simply got out of their way, and had them pray.   Healing was happening all day through each and every one of us!!!!    People got saved, got baptized in the Holy Spirit, healed and set free!!!!!

 One man said he had a sex addiction.  He got born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and said that during the prayer, something just lifted off of him!!!!!!  As the Navajo people got touched by the Spirit, some of them started to pray for others as well!   On the second day, we went to the place that Kevin and I had ministered to the homeless people two years ago.    Another amazing day in the Holy Spirit!

 So much hurt and pain in the peoples heart!!!!   One of the ladies was a former nurse and on the day that her daughter was born, her husband died.  On the same day, eighteen years later, her daughter died!  She became very angry, thinking that God was taking her loved ones from her.    She was cursing and did not want to receive prayer.  I told her that I wanted to bless her.  She said OK.   As we prayed, the team surrounded her, she started to cry and we could see her heart melting!   She left in peace and was very grateful!

 Another young man had killed a child while in the war, he was a former Marine.   He couldn’t get over the guilt and could not forgive himself.  Tony stayed with him and ministered to him Love for a very long time.  After about two hours, the young man started to smile and then his smiles turned into laugther!   He said he hadn’t smile and laughed in a very long time!  It was awesome!!!! 

 We prayed and spoke life into their new hearts that Jesus had given to them!  It was a life transforming day for the homeless people and for us who were serving them!!!  The next morning, in the hotel room, at 5:30 in the morning, I saw Fred sitting in a chair, he had tears coming from his eyes.   He told me that his life had been ruined (in a very good way).  He was touched and deeply moved by what he was seeing, witnessing, and the impact he was having on the homeless!    Each one of us were being deeply touched because of the hurt and woundedness of the people, but also because we were impacting them with the Love of the Father!
  Later that day, some us prayed for a woman who had hives since March.  They were very painful and itchy!   After the prayer, she said all the irritation was gone and she felt very peaceful!  We saw her two days later, and her skin was completely clear!!!!   She brought her sister to us for prayer who had the hives as well for over a month.  After the prayer for her, all the itchiness was gone!!!!   On Monday, it was more of the same!  The two tents were often full of the homeless people eating, talking, and receiving prayer and blessings!  Kevin moved into a house that weekend and Fred and Tony did some repairs to the house!  

It was a great trip for us all!   It was hard to say good bye!  Chi, John and Glory stayed for about an hour and a half talking after breakfast!  We all want to go back as soon as we can!   We plan on going within the next month and help the people out with socks, blankets, jackets, and winter clothing!

 A HUGE THANK YOU to the people who helped make trip possible by your extremely generous contributions!!!!   Without your help, we could not have done what we did, and the people would not have impacted so much!!!!!!       THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                   SHALOM!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Brown       9-6-2013                                                                                             


  1. Thank you for sharing your ministry work, I cried as i read your blog. Thank you for making a differance not only in the people that you saw and prayed with but also i people that they will impact because of you. may your ministry be infectous to everyone. God Bless you.

  2. Jerry, that was such a blessing to read. How exciting! Can't wait to hear about your next outreach trip. Let us know where we can donate for next months trip. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  3. How awesome is that?!!! You are such a blessing Jerry, and the Lord works great things trough you and your ministry. I constantly pray for you and may God give you what you pray for others to have. I do not know of any better work or ministry. God bless you! Millo

    1. Thank you so much, Milo! You are such a blessing to me!


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