Thursday, September 19, 2013

What If Everything In Heaven Was Ours Right Now?

Hello Precious One!

What if our heart and minds were truly set and focused on things above, the heavenly realities?   What would life be like?   What if we truly saw our lives with the mindset that we are in heaven as a present reality?  What if we really believed the Truth that the kingdom of heaven, in all of its reality, was truly in us and we were in the kingdom of heaven, right now?

 What if the kingdom of heaven was more than a theological concept or of positional truth of God’s righteousness within us, like so many people think?  What if we truly believed like a little child and believed that the all of the substance of heaven was inside of us and we lived inside the full reality of heaven right now in the spirit realm?   What if heaven became a powerful reality now, that we are actually seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms, now?

 What if it was true, that we have already died In Christ, and have been raised in full reality, not just in theological or positional terms, but that heaven was just as real as the this earthly realm, only unseen to the natural eye?   What if we believed that everything in the kingdom of heaven had already been given to us in absolute and total reality?

 What if we believed that all of the wealth of heaven, all of its gold, silver, gemstones, diamonds… were already ours?   What if we believed the Truth that we had a bank account with the kingdom of heaven and that we had complete and total access into all of its wealth?

 What if it was true that when the Father in the Prodigal son story, tells the older brother, “Son, everything I have is yours”?  What if this was a true statement to us just if our heavenly Father is telling us, “Everything I have and everything I am is yours.   I have withheld nothing from you.  All that I am and all that I have is yours, right now”!   And you have complete and total access to the totality of everything the Father is and has, but it is accessed by Faith. 

  What if we really thought like this in the deepest places of our new heart?  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.    Athletes who train for the Olympics devote themselves to their training and make it the most important thing in their life.   What if we became that radical in training of our thinking by the Grace and power of the Holy Spirit and saw heaven as an actual reality, just as real as this earthly realm?  

       “But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” Hebrews 5:14.              Our minds, hearts, and senses need to trained in the grace of setting our hearts and minds on things above, the heavenly realities.   We are in the continual process of renewing our minds and seeing into the reality of the Spirit realm with the eyes of heart our being completely wide open.   

 Olympic athletes go into strict training to win the gold medal.   We go into strict training to train our senses to the Spirit so that we can see into the heavenly spirit realm, so that we are lead by the Spirit and not by our flesh.

  Jesus endured the Cross by keeping His mind and heart set on the Joy of being with the Father and with all of us for eternity in heaven!    The Joy set before Him was the heavenly realm!   He didn't let the abuse, anger and brutality of the religious people distract Him from what He came to the earth to do.   He didn't waver by looking to the right or the left of all of His pain and suffering, He had His mind set on the Joy of heaven before Him!  

  Looking to the earthly problems only weakens our resolve, steadfastness and power!   How about you and I, are we really to go into strict training in the renewing of our minds to the Truth that we are living In Christ, in the heavenly spirit realm, right now, where lack in any form does not exist, only abundance, even though life can be full of pain and suffering on the earth?   What if we were to take hold of the Truth that everything our Father is and has, has already been given to us and we have complete and total access to all of His abundance of health, wealth, Joy, Love, Peace, Power…….?    What if……..?                SHALOM!!!

Jerry Brown         9-19-2013


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  1. What if? just what if it were true? What if the bible is true and what if we can experience the gifts he has given us? I close my eyes and i can see his Kingdom and all it's glory that has been given to me, i see it clearly. Then i open my eyes and what i see and hear all around me causes doubt, but I'm in training, constant training! praising my lord and savior for what was done, so that i too can enjoy heaven on earth.


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